Park n' Play Kayaks

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FOR SALE OR RENT:  Park n' Play Kayaks at LMS!

March 27 - Chaos

Tumwater Canyon - Chaos from Daniel Int-Hout on Vimeo.


The Wenatchee River play run might be a little down this time of year but the Tumwater Canyon stretch is just right.  Stop by the shop and see if one of us wants to go on a short afternoon run of Tumwater Canyon




Never Wave, 15,600cfs

In January, the snow level climbed to 6,000 + ft and the rain started to fall and thirty six hours later the Wenatchee river hit 15,600 cfs.   A few locals set out on the river to find the goods.  It was about 56 degrees and the water was pumping.  On, our way to Turkey Shoot we found a wave just up stream that rarely breaks this good.  The power was hit and miss at times but lots of fun for a first in a playboat in a few months.  Enjoy the Video.

Never Wave, Wenatchee River 15,600 1-11-2011 from Jean-Luc Robichaux on Vimeo.